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Seminar on “Persecution of Religious Minorities in Bangladesh”

On 9th Nov 05 Centre for Ethnic Minority Studies, (School of Oriental and African Studies, London) and Bangladesh Conference

2005 Steering Committee have arranged a seminar on “Persecution of Religious Minorities in Bangladesh”  and to launch a book

titled “1500 Days Minority Persecution in Bangladesh” edited by Shahriar Kabir (a renowned journalist, human rights activist &

Amnesty Prisoner of Conscience). Mr Kabir among other recommendations asked to implement the CHT peace accord.

During the question time member of  Jumma Peoples Network UK (JPN UK) asked implementation of the Peace Accord does not guarantee

the lasting peace in the CHT since it does not have any constitutional safeguard. Any successive government can annul the accord

in the parliament. So along with implementation of the peace accord constitutional safeguard of the accord demanded. JPN UK

member also asked for constitutional recognition of indigenous Jumma people. Moreover JPN UK asked the speakers how the

military / security forces he who has committed and are committing genocidal crimes against indigenous people could be tried, if

required at the international criminal court.

The seminar was chaired by Prof Werner Menski. The other speakers were Maggie Bowden (Liberation); Abbas Faiz (Amnesty

International); Brad Adams (Human Rights Watch); Justice Shamsuddin Ahmed Manik (Civil Society).

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