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Construction of passenger shed on Temple land

09 Jan 05

The commander of Mandir Chara Army camp under Baghaichari Zone in Rangamati district has constructed a passenger shed on lands belonging to a Buddhist temple ignoring a unanimous

decision to set it up near the police camp.
The Market Committee, local people, police and the Subedar of ECB army wanted the passenger shed to be built in a place adjacent to the police camp. They discussed the matter among

themselves before taking a final decision.
But the army commander did not care two hoots about this decision and in a brazen display of military muscle went about freakishly to set up the passenger shed on lands belonging to Milon Para Buddha Vihara. All had been stunned by his autocratic behaviour but could do nothing to

Make him abide by their decision.
The Major ordered Mr. Parimol, secretary of Machalong Market Committee, to arrange for sawing logs for the construction of the shed. He negotiated the remuneration for the job. And it was decided that Taka 130 would be paid for sawing per cft. But once the construction was done, the Major violated the terms of the contract and offered only Taka 60 per cft. When the local people who did the sawing resented his behavior, the Major played the tactics of threats and intimidation. He said, “You people are destroying the forests by cutting Forest Department’s trees. I’ll give you a lesson. I haven’t even shown you yet what an army can do. And you want Taka 130 per cft? Wait, I’m gonna show the army’s job and then you’ll understand what stuff an army is made of,

you mother f****rs !.
The tactic worked well. Yeah, it had to. For, might is always right as far as the army in the

Chittagong Hill Tracts in concerned.
Finally, it was settled for Taka 80. Under duress!

Source: UPDF

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