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Army ransacks Buddhist hut in Majalong

December 14, 2009

 A belated report said a group of 12 army personnel led by Warrant Officer Selim from Majalong camp on 19 November raided a Buddhist Kuthir or hut at Puriholachug hill in Majalong under Sajek Union of Rangamati district and destroyed the belongings of Ven. Chirosukh Bhante, the Buddhist monk who resides in the hut.

 This was the second raid in the same month, sources said. “The army reached the Kuthir at about 10am. Then they entered it with their boots on defying temple rules and destroyed the Bhante’s belongings including his Chabek (alms bowl) and plates.” one villager quoted Bhante’s attendant Shanti Chakma as saying.

 The soldiers also drank up beverages (7ups) stored for the Bhante, he added.

 It needs to be mentioned that Warrant Officer Selim first raided the Kuthir on 10 November and ransacked it.

Source: chtonline

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