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ACHR 2nd Press Release – Attacks on indigenous Jummas spread to mainland Bangladesh

23 February 2010
                       Press Release
      Attacks on indigenous Jummas spread to mainland Bangladesh
New Delhi: The attacks on indigenous Jumma peoples in the Chittagong Hill
Tracts has spread to mainland Bangladesh. At 7.00 pm Bangladesh Standard
Time today i.e. 23 February 2010 indigenous Jumma peoples at Oxygen area,
Chittagong were attacked by the plains peoples. While many Jummas live in
the area, many were waiting to catch buses for Rangamati and Khagrachari
Earlier, a procession of the members of the Pahari Chhatra Parishad (PCP)
was attacked at Narikul Bagan area, Khagrahcari district by the youths
belonging to the illegal plain settlers who began pelting brickbats at the
procession. The PCP activists tried to resist but had to retreat. About 50
indigenous Jumma students were hurt.
Thereafter, illegal plain settlers entered Mahajonpara and Milanpur
villages under Khagrachari and burnt down many houses belonging to
indigenous peoples.
Asian Centre for Human Rights has been informed that the houses of the
following indigenous peoples were burnt down by the illegal plain
Jhikkya Chakma
Kandara Chakma
Kandara Chakma
Parimal Chakma
Bir Bikram Tripura
Babuya Chakma
Prabhangshu Chakma
Lucky Chakma
Pipa Chakma
Inside Khagrachari government school area, the settlers burnt down the
quarters of Pika  Talukder, Milan Chakma and Tapasi Chakma.
In Narikul Bagan area adjacent to Mahajonpara the settlers targeted Jumma
shops and burnt down Sonny Rang's shop and looted the shop of Priya Kumar
Chakma and vandalized and looted Ziran Hotel and Bain Textile owned by
Jummas. The illegal plain settlers also damaged and looted the house of Mr
Tatul Chakma.
The illegal plain settlers also burnt down a students’ hostel Shanti Niketan.
Although army has been deployed following the imposition of section 144,
the Bengalee illegal settlers are still roaming the streets in groups
holding sharp weapons and sticks.
An estimated 20 to 25 shops belonging to Jummas at Panchari station near
Mahajonpara were set afire.  Jummas also set fire to a few Bengali shops
at Khezur Bagan area.
At 5:15pm Bangladesh Standard Time, the settlers burnt down more houses in
Satbheiyapara. Incident of arson has also been reported from Datkuppya.
At 6.00 pm Bangladesh Standard Time, the settlers started burning down MSF
para under Sajek Union under Rangamati district.
At 6.00 pm Bangladesh Standard Time, the settlers attacked the indigenous
Jumma villages at Dighinala Sub-Division under Khagrachari district.
Three journalists have also been injured. They are Altaf Mahmood of ATN,
Mong Sha Prue of Desh TV and Bhorer Kagoj and Dillip Chowdhury. [Ends]
[Should you require any further information, please contact Mr Suhas
Chakma at 09810893440]

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