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Wagga celebrated in Khagrachhari Our Correspondent, Khagrachhari

The Daily Star, October 11, 2006

The Wagga festival of the indigenous Marma community concluded here yesterday.

Wagga means freedom. Before the festival, Buddhist Banty (chief of prayer hall) stays at least 3 months at a place with reputation.

To mark the occasion, a cultural function was held at Masterpara. Hundreds of men, women and children of Marma community joined the programme.

The Buddists prayer hall locally known as Keyang was nicely decorated with flower and colourful paper. Marma women made cakes while young people, wearing traditional dresses, sang, danced and played different games.

A discussion was also held. Speakers said Buddhism is for peace, truth and honesty. Wagga is observed to uphold the religion, they said.

On the concluding day yesterday, children took part in various programmes including recitation of poems, art and general knowledge competition.

Panchha Sowami, Banty (chief of Buddhist prayer hall) chaired the function while Khagrachhari Press Club president Chowdhury Ataur Rahman Rana was present as chief guest.

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