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Vow to resist ‘renegade’ Moni Swapan in Rangamati

Our Correspondent,Rangamati
The Daily Star, October 29, 2006

Rangamati district BNP and it front organisations yesterday declared renegade party leader and former deputy minister for CHT affairs Moni Swapan Dewan “unwanted” in Rangamati and declared to resist his political activities in the district. Dewan joined the newly floated Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) led by BNP founder-members Prof. Barduddozza Chowdhury and Col. (Rtd) Oli Ahmed.

The party activists brought out a procession in the town, chanted slogans against Dewan and burnt his effigy.

At an emergency meeting, the district BNP also expelled Moni Swapan from the party.

Speakers at a rally prior to the procession vowed to resist Moni Swapan’s political activities in Rrangamati

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