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Villager tortured in Belaichari

News No. 148/2008, September 14, 2008

One Jumma villager in Belaichari of Rangamati district has been seriously wounded after army personnel tortured him.

A belated report reaching from the area said on 4 August, Monday, at around 8 am a group of about 30 – 40 army soldiers led by captain Tanvir (8th Bengal), commander of Dhupchari camp, went to the house of Tonnyapu Tonchongya, 40, (s/o Kangchandra Tonchongya and mother’s name Phulmoti Tonchongya) in Downpara.

Captain Tanvir demanded of him to give them a few chickens. When Mr. Tonchongya refused, the soldiers took him to Downpara Government Primary School premises, blind folded him and beat him up severely, resulting in the fracture of his right leg.

Thereafter, Tanvir forced the local village chief, Anil Chandra Tonchongya and Doctor Priya Dorshi to sign a statement stating that Mr. Tonnyapu Tonchongya got his leg fractured while running away.

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