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UPDF submits memo to TNO over land grabbing

News No. 52/2008, March 19, 2008

On 13 March, United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) sent a memorandum to the Thana Nirbahi Officer of Dighinala urging him to take urgent actions to stop illegal land grabbing and bring the culprits to justice.

Signed by Mr. Animesh Chakma, a central committee member of the Party, the memo stated: “It is a matter of great regret that even after the failure to grab 300 acres of land in Sadhana Tila in Babuchara in August – September last year, some of the settlers have, with direct support from a powerful quarter, continued to take away lands of the Jumma people.”

“All the victims of land grabbing have valid documents or evidence in support of their title to the lands” it further said and added that such kinds of land grabbing is unprecedented in any country that have minimum respect for any court of law, and a shame for any civilized society.

It said the right to enjoyment of one’s own lawful property is sacred and that the constitution of Bangladesh guarantees this right to every citizen.

Article 42 (1) provides: “Subject to any restrictions imposed by law, every citizen shall have the right to acquire, hold, transfer or otherwise dispose of property, and no property shall be compulsorily acquired, nationalised or requisitioned save by authority of law.”

The memo urged the TNO to put a stop to land grabbing, restore the grabbed lands to their rightful owners, make sure that each and every citizen can enjoy his own property peacefully and uninterruptedly, and to bring the land grabbers and their cohorts to justice.

The memo attached a document titled “Information on land grabbing in Kobakhali, Boro Merung, Choto Merung and Rengkarjya Mouzas under Dighinala” released by Hill Watch Human Rights Forum in Bengali.

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