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UPDF Leader Pradipan Khisha Released on Bail

17 July 17, 2005. Pradipan Khisah, who was arrested along with 13 other UPDF members and supporters during a police raid on 23 May in Khagrachari, was released on bail yesterday, Saturday, 16 July.

The District Magistrate of Cognizance Court, Khagrachari, Mr. Zafar Ahmed granted him bail when bail prayer was moved by his lawyer.

Earlier on 5 July UPDF leader Natun Kumar Chakma, PCP leader Karrington Chakma and UPDF supporter Indra Mohon Chakma, also arrested on 23 May, were released on bail.

After the arrest, police filed two cases against them (case No. 9 and 10) under sections 143/144/326/307/427/144/34 of the Bangladesh Penal Code and sections 19/ka and 19/cha of the Arms Act.

As for the case No. 10, police have already filed charge sheet against five of the arrested UPDF members. They are Sachib Chakma, Ranjan Moni Chakma, Pulak Chakma, Pipu Boishnab and Ratan Chakma.

With the release of Pradipan Khisha, the number of UPDF members and supporters obtaining bail in those cases has risen to four. Ten are yet to be released. They are Sachib Chakma, Ranjan Moni Chakma, Soumitra Chakma, Pulok Chakma, Pipu Boishnob, Ratan Chakma, Thuikoching Marma, Ani Bikash Chakma, Apu Chakma and Kalatunga Chakma.

Besides them, seven other UPDF members are also languishing in Khagrachari jail now. They were arrested in separate incidents.

At present more than 100 UPDF members are being detained in jails in Khagrachari, Rangamati and Chittagong. Seventy five of them are in Chittagong jail alone. Their condition is reported to be “terribly terrible”. All of them are suffering from various diseases.

One of them Chaula Pru Tripura, age 42, died of a serious ailment at Chittagong Medical College Hospital on 5 July. He was arrested in 2002 (?) along with 4 other UPDF members from Mahalchari in Khagrachari district.

In last May the Judge refused to admit that Mr. Tripura’s illness was getting serious and ignored his plea for bail.

Source: UPDF

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