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Update from Ghilachari: govt. reluctant to implement the pledge

November 10, 2009

The government has apparently gone back on its promise to punish the army man responsible for an attempted rape on a Jumma woman in Ghilachari in Rangamati.

As per a deal reached yesterday, representatives of both the government and the Jumma movement met in Ghilachari bazaar today. An estimated seven hundred Jumma women were present there.But instead of identifying the army personnel who made the attempt to rape Mrs Juboni Chakma on 8 November, the Naniachar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Jahirul Islam asked the representatives of the movement to submit an application.

Naniachar Upazila Chairman Priti Moy Chakma, Naniachar UP chairman Panchanon Chakma and Ghilachari UP chairman Mitu Chakma were also present at the meeting.

In the afternoon, the Second-in-Command of Naniachar army zone took part in the meeting and echoed the request of the UNO.

But the Jumma movement representatives refused to submit any application or petition and urged the government side to fulfill its own pledge it made to the Ghilachari people yesterday.

They said they would not go back home until their demands are met.

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