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UP member arrested by army in Lakshmichari

On the night of 31 July 05 soldiers from Lakshmichari army zone headquarter in Khagrachari district (20 Artillery) raided the village of Bortali and arrested Ching Kyu Marma, 42, a  member of Bermachari Union Parishad. He was sent to Khagrachari district jail the following day.

The army also searched houses in the village and beat up innocent villagers.

Mr. Ching Kyu Marma is charge-sheeted accused in Munir murder case. Mohammad Munir, a Bengali trader from Fatikchari, disappeared on 15 March when he was going back home after attending to his business in Bermachari. On 22 March his dead body was found in Karnaphuli tea garden in Fatikchari. Some Bengali settlers in Lakshmichari tried to create communal tension following the recovery of his mutilated body and a certain Union Parishad chairman, in collusion with the army, used the incident to subdue her critics within the Parishad. A case was filed against many innocent Jummas including Ching Kyu Marma, an ardent critic of his chairman.

It is widely believed that Munir might have killed as a result of business rivalry.


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