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Two Teenage Marma Sisters Raped by Security Forces

Picture courtesy of Dhaka Tribune

Two minor Jumma girls were attacked in their village home in Bilaichari, Rangamati Hill District. Local press reported that the sisters, aged 19 and 15 were allegedly raped by uniformed men in the night of January 22nd.

They told Rani Yan Yan, wife of Chakma Circle Chief Devasish Roy, that ‘a team of army men’ entered into their house looking for criminals and took their parents out after tying them up. ‘Then the army men raped the sisters who could recall that their rapists were wearing army uniform,’ Yan said to a reporter of ‘New Age’, quoting the traumatised victims.

Rangamati District Council chairman Brisha Ketu Chakma, who also visited the victims at the hospital, said that the victims were allegedly raped by army men.

According to later press reports, the victims expressed reluctance to return home for fear of reprisals from their attackers.

In Dhaka, a citizens’ platform organised a human chain at Shahbagh where Oikya NAP president Pankaj Bhattacharya said that ‘the CHT was now a place where abusers and rapists would not have to worry about the consequences of their crimes.’ He said perpetrators of such crimes were never punished.

‘The rape incident is not an isolated incident,’ said Dhaka University history professor Mesbah Kamal. ‘It is reflective of how Bangladesh sees CHT. Bangladesh treats CHT as if it is a colony, not a part of the country,’ he added.

Bangladesh Hindu Bouddha Christian Oikya Parishad leader Rana Das Gupta said that army should punish the rapists as otherwise it would mean endorsing the perpetrators.

Jumma Peoples Network UK is outraged and shocked by this act of violence and strongly condemns such brutality. It strongly urges the Government of Bangladesh to investigate this incident immediately and ensure that the perpetrators face the full force of the law.


(Sources: Kapaeeng Foundation, a Human Rights organisation based in Dhaka,

The Daily Star, January 24 2018 & New Age, January 25 2018)

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Chittagong Hill Tracts: Suspicion of Rape and Sexual Assault Against Two Marma Sisters by Security Forces

News on Dhaka Tribune: Two teenager sisters were allegedly raped and sexually assaulted by members of security forces in Rangamati’s Bilaichari Upazila on January 22

Two Marma sisters allegedly raped and sexually assaulted in Rangamati


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