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Two PCP activists held, released after beating

April 30, 2005.

Two PCP activists held, released after beating

On 26 April 2005 Lieutenant Colonel Momin Khan, Commanding Officer of Lakshmichari zone under Khagrachari district, picked up two Pahari Chattra Parishad activists from Boroitali village in Bermachari union.

The PCP activists – Sushil Chakma and Kaladhan Chakma, office bearers of Lakshmichari unit of the organisation – were touring the area to strengthen their organisation’s bases when the arrest was made. (PCP is Bengali acronym for Hill Students Council). They were beaten up mercilessly and taken to Ghagra camp in Rangamati. Later, on 29 April, they were released from Bannyachola army camp.

Since 23 April the military from Ghagra, Lakshmichari and Sindukchari camps have been carrying out massive operations in Lakshmichari, Kawkhali and Kudukchari areas. They are frequently raiding Jumma villages, beating and interrogating innocent villagers and arresting people on suspicion of being “UPDF terrorists”.

Prepared by Human Rights Monitoring Cell, United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF). April 30, 2005. Dhaka.

Source: UPDF

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