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Two innocent villagers arrested by army in Merung

11 January 2010

Army has arrested two innocent villagers from Moner Manush area under Merung Union in Dighinala Upazila.

Sources said two groups of army personnel from Chongrachari camp and Yarangchari camp under Dighinala zone raided Moner Manush area in the small hours of yesterday morning and arrested two Jumma villagers from there.

The arrested have been identified as Natun Chandra Chakma, age 50, son of Ush Moni Chakma and Suniti Chakma alias Moner Manush, age 40, son of Niru Chakma.The former, a resident of Chongrachari village, is a former member of Merung Union Council while the latter runs a small tea shop at Moner Manush, an area named after his alias.

Both have been handed over to Dighinala police station at around 11AM.

They have been arrested in connection with alleged disappearance of a settler named Ainal last year.

Source: chtonline

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