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Settlers attempt to grab land in Langudu

December 16, 2009

The illegal Bengali settlers have been making repeated attempts to grab approximately 50 acres of land belonging to Jumma people in Langudu Upazila under Rangamati district.

Sources from Langudu said 21 settler families from Bheibone Chara have been trying to grab the land since October.

The lands are registered in favour of five Jumma villagers, namely 1. Dayal Chandra Chakma son of late Laxmi Charan Chakma, Bondobosti (settlement) case no: 1205 (d)1975/76, Holding No: H/9; 2. Shidham Chakma son of late Pottya Ram Chakma Bondobosti case N0: 1067(d),1972/73 Holding No: H/49; 3. Ashasur Chakma son of late Protibondhu Chakma Bondobosti case No: 1272(D), H/68; 4. Krshina Chandra Chakma son of Purnamashi Chakma Bondobosti case No: 1071(D)1972/73 Holding: H/48; and5. Bashanta Chakma son of late Kalachan Chakma Bondobosti case No: 1200(D)1975/76 Holding -H/5.

The lands in question are situated in Harikaba, Modyo Harikaba, Bor Harikaba and Boradam areas.

The Jumma land owners submitted a memorandum to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer, the highest government authority in the Upazila, one week ago, and he has set a date for a meeting with both the parties to settle the dispute.

Land grabbing is still a huge problem faced by the Jumma people in CHT.

“No matter which government is in power – be it AL, BNP or caretaker government, the settlers continue to grab our lands.” Mithun Chakma, a DYF leader, said.

He thinks most of the government officials are biased in favour of the settlers, and “it is one of the reasons why the settlers are so aggressive in their attempts to grab our lands.” he said.

“Not a single settler has so far been punished for grabbing or attempting to grab Jumma people’s lands.” he added.

Michael Chakma, another DYF leader, is apprehensive about the outcome of the tomorrow’s scheduled meeting.

Speaking to chtnews.com from Langudu, he said “From past experiences I can say that such meetings are a useless exercise; the settlers are not deterred even if we have proved our case showing relevant documents and the local government officials have settled the matter.”

Eleven of the 21 settlers who are making attempts to grab land have been identified.

They are Md. Makbul, Md. Tafa, Md. Motaleb, Md. Rafique, Md. Ainul, Md. Abu(ex UP member of 7no Lungudu Sadar UP), Md. Rahman, Md. Mofajjal, Md. Shahidul, Md. Mansur Ali and Md. Imam Ali.

Source: chtonline

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