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Settlers attack wedding party

06 Nov 2005

Eight Jummas, including an aged man, were wounded when a group of 20 – 25 Bengali settlers led by Delwar from Muslim Para village near Guimara Brigade in Khagrachari attacked a wedding party in a house in Choto Pilak on November 6, 2006.

The settlers also took away some of the villagers to the Army Brigade headquarter.

Some of the attackers have been identified. They are Harun, Belal, Suresh, Nazrul, Suman, Shahidullah, Nizam and Latu. The ring leader Delwar is also reported to have been involved in many theft and robbery incidents in the area.

The injured are Hemanta Chakma (35), Jatna Moni Chakma (30), Bijoy Chakma (35), Ramani Chakma (28), Sappey Chakma (30) from Choto Pilak village and Anu Ching Marma (36) and Momong Marma (50) from Tholi Para village.

Source: UPDF

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