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Settler attempt to rape a Jumma woman

Hill Watch Human Rights Forum
NEWS No. 09/2007, April 27, 2007
An unidentified settler is alleged to have attempted to rape a Jumma woman in Manikchari under Khagrachari district.

UPDF (United People’s Democratic Front) sources said on 17 April, Tuesday, at around 12 noon Mrs. Arema Marma aged 20 w/o Kyoching Maung Marma of Mohish Khali Dojori Para village went to a nearby rivulet to fetch water.

A settler, who was working in the arum filed of Md. Kabir Ahmed, saw her alone and grabbed her. She exerted all her strength to shake him off and screamed for help. Hearing her shouts, the villagers rushed to the spot and rescued her. However, the culprit melted away before their arrival.

Mrs. Marma could not recognize him nor could remember whether she had seen him before in the area. She thinks he might have come from some other parts of the area to work as a day labourer.

The culprit is believed to have been hired by Kabir Ahmed of Gocchabil cluster village under Manikchari Thana.

Her family did not raise the issue with Kabir Ahmed to avoid unnecessary hazards.

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