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Settler attack in Ramgarh leaves 6 persons injured

HR Monitoring Cell, UPDF, January 8, 2007

An unprovoked settler attack in Ramgarh town under Khagrachari district has left at least 5 Jummas and a member of Barua community wounded.

The attack took place at around 1:30 p.m. today when a group of settlers led by Nuru Commissioner began beating whoever they caught hold of in T&T area of the town. The settlers also made attempts to torch the houses belonging to the Jummas, but they were repelled when organised resistance was put up.

Locals said most of the attackers came from outside the town, mostly from Khagrachari.

After the incident, the village head Mr. Sadhan Bikash Chakma complained to the local government administrative officials and army zone commander about the attack and demanded punishment to the culprits. However, it is not known if any cases have been filed in connection with the attack. The zone commander assured that he would order an investigation into the incident.

The injured have been identified as Ms Kamala Devi Chakma (45), Ms Sumitra Devi Chakma (18), a college student, Basu Chakma 18), Boren Bikash Chakma (18) s/o Naga Chakma, Mrs. Nirod Sona Chakma (45) w/o Motilal Chakma and Nayan Barua (18) s/o Ratan Barua. Of them, Kamala Devi and Sumitra Devi’s condition has been stated to be critical.

Once upon a time, Ramgarh was mostly a Jumma dominated area. Now two-thirds are illegally occupied by Bengali settlers who came from nearby Feni and Noakhali districts of the plain land. Despite the settlers’ continuous push for more and more Jumma lands, T&T still remains mainly a Jumma populated area. And the attack is believed to have been carried out to drive the Jummas from the town and grab their land and property.

UPDF in a statement condemned the attack and demanded punishment to those behind it. The party also staged demonstration in Khagrachari in protest against the attack.

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