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Sangbad Bengali news paper reports on 01 Sep 2005

(Translation of the Bengali news paper ‘Sangbad’)

Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) Ministry Parliamentary Committee decided to call Indigenous Peoples leaders.

The CHT Affairs Parliamentary Committee has been decided to call four Indigenous Peoples leaders for explanation on about their making intervention in the last UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (PFII) meeting in New York, held on 16 May to 27 May 2005. The four Indigenous Peoples leaders are Mrinal Kanti Tripura, Mangal Kumar Chakma, Ina Hume and Albert Mankin except Raja Devasish Roy.   The parliamentary committee added that, they had been made intervention in the Forum “So called” on against the state and sovereignty.  If those accused person’s failure to reply satisfactory answer to them then they will recommend to the government for taking an appropriate disciplinary measure against them.

The Parliamentary Committee was met last 29th August in the Parliament House and then decided.

Mohammad Mosharraf Hussain presided over the meeting …………….

—————————— end ———————————-

Samakar Bengali news paper reports on 01 Sep 2005

(Translation of the Bengali new paper ‘Samakal’)

Indigenous Leaders summoned at Parliamentary Committee

Same news as ‘Sangbad’ as mentioned above, in addition ‘Samakal’ news paper includes the  following IP leaders: Barrister Raja Devasish Roy (Chakma Raja); Mr Mangal Kumar Chakma, Mr Mrinal Kanti Tripura, Ms Ina Hume, Mr Albert Mankin and Ven. Pragnalanker Bhikkhu (Buddhist Monk). …………………….

It also states: The following person made statement at the committee Wadud Bhuiyan (committee members), Shahajahan Choudhury (BNP MP), Jamat-e-Islamis Shahajahan Choudhury, Mojibur Rahman (Jatio Party).

————————- end—————————


1)    It may be notable that, Mr Tripura raises his voice in the PF meeting against the militarization and their atrocity activities in CHT region with an paradigm of 26 th August Mahalchari Jumma indigenous village attack by Bengalee settlers with the supporting by army. Mahalchari incident is well documented and widely published by Amnesty international (AI Index: ASA 13/003/2004) and other international organisations. Amnesty International’s report can be found in the following JPN UK’s web link: http://www.jpnuk.org.uk/docs/amnesty2004.pdf

2)    Parliament Committee’s member Wadud Bhuiyan’s (MP), he himself is controversial being anti Indigenous People. He is alleged, illegally allocating legal indigenous Jumma peoples land to illegal state sopnsored Bengali settlers. Survival International wrote a letter to PM Begam Khaleda Zia complaining against Wadud Bhuiyan’s action which violates the peace accord.

*** So it is easily understandable what the Indigenous People and it’s leaders can expect from the committee and it’s allegation against them.

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