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Royal College of Defence Studies team visits CHT Regional Council

Royal College of Defence Studies team visits CHT Regional Council

16 Oct 05

RCDS South Asia Tour 2005 team members called on Mr. Rupayan Dewan, Councillor, Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council at council’s head office at Rangamati on October 16, 2005. The team was led by Air Vice-Marshal Mr. S. Chisnal, Senior Directing Staff (Air) Steve of the RCDS, London. The team was received by Mr. Dewan, Mr. Gouatam Kumar Chakma (Councillor) and Ms. Jumbee Chakma (CHTRC official) at 12.00 hrs.

Mr. Rupayan Dewan briefed the team for about 30 minutes on the Special Administration and Present Situation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. Afterwards, the floor was open for question and answers which lasted for about 30 minutes. During this session some of the visiting team members wanted to know whether the PCJSS ever demanded independence, how to establish the claim of human rights violations, how to prove the Operation Uttoron as a de facto Military Rule, challenges before the Jumma people and achievements made so far. During this session Mr. Goutam Kumar Chakma also participated.

It was the maiden visit of RCDS team to South Asia. The team was in Bangladesh after visiting Pakistan and India. Mr. Rupayan Dewan requested Mr. Chisnal to conduct research on the CHT situation as the RCDS carries out such activities. In response to this request Mr. Chisnal said that it could be decided after their briefing before a group of about 60/80 persons, after their return to RCDS. Before closing the meeting a crest of RCDS was presented to Mr. Dewan while he presented Khadi, traditional piece of woven cloth to each of the team members. As soon as the meeting was over Mr. Chisnal passed a remark that they got “completely two different briefings”. It is worth mentioning that before visiting the CHT Regional Council the team was briefed at local Region Headquarters by 305 Infantry Brigade of Bangladesh Army.

The team members were:

Air Vice-Marshal Mr. S. Chisnal, Senior Directing Staff (Air);

Mr. B T Burton, UK Ministry of Defence;

Colonel N Bojie, Croatian Ministry of Defence;

Colonel S F Deakin, British Army;

Colonel M Demier; French Army;

Brigadier General P Gerometta, Italian Army;

Group Captain N J Gordon, British Royal Air Force;

Mr. V Nepodas, Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Ukraine Government;

Group Captain G B Odesola, Nigerian Air Force;

Mr. B Ruge, German Foreign Service;

Colonel J Y R A Viens, Canadian Air Force;

Mr. W G Wilson, RCDS;

Brigadier Ian Rees, Defence and Military Adviser, British High Commission to India

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