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Punishment to abductor of Kalpana demanded

Hill Women’s Federation yesterday demanded of the caretaker government to make public the investigation report of abduction of its former leader Kalpana Chakma and exemplary punishment to the abductor.On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of Kalpana Chakma abduction, the Federation Central President Sonali Chakma at a statement yesterday also demanded withdrawal of Operation Uttaran from the hill districts and stoppage of all sorts of repression, including violence against women.

Hill Women’s Federation leader Kalpana Chakma was abducted on June 12 in 1996 before the 8th parliamentary election, but her whereabouts is yet to be known, she said at the statement.

The then government was forced to form an investigation committee following pressures from home and abroad, but the investigation report is yet to be made public, Sonali Chakma noted.

Leader of the federation, an organisation representing the hill women, said the present caretaker government has taken a number of steps against corruption of the country, but is yet to take any measures against those who repressed and is still continuing the same on the people in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

“Lt Ferdous, abductor of Kalpana Chakma, is in the job without any disruption, while taking advantage of the emergency, army patrolling and tortures on the hill people have been intensified. As a result, the people in the area are living under threat,” the statement added.

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