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Protest against murder of Poney Mala Tripura held

News No. 113/2009,
September 08, 2009

Jumma organisations held a protest demonstration against continuing military repression and the killing of Ms Poney Mala Tripura in Khagrachari.

The Hill Students’ Council, Hill Women’s Federation and Democratic Youth Forum jointly organised the demonstration on Saturday, 5 September.

They brought out a procession from Swanirbhor bazaar and paraded city streets chanting slogans before holding a protest rally at Chengi Square.

Hundreds of members and supporters of these front organisations of the UPDF joined the demonstration.

Presided over by Arpan Chakma, General Secretary of PCP Khagrachari District Unit, the rally was also addressed by Remin Chakma, central member of DYF, and Konika Dewan, General Secretary (in charge) of Hill Women’s Federation.

The speakers condemned the arrest of PCP president Ricoh Chakma and others in Panchari and the killing of Poney Mala Tripura in Sindukchari.

Arpan Chakma said “Ricoh Chakma went to Panchari on a speaking tour to persuade Jumma youths and students to take part in a joint conference of the Khagrachari District Units of the three organisaitons to be held on 10 September. But the army detained him along with many others and harassed him.”

Mr. Chakma condemned the undemocratic and fascist behaviour of the army and demanded their complete withdrawal from the CHT.

“The army is the perpetual threat to peace, democracy and development in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, and therefore they must go back to their barracks in the plain land.” he said.

He also urged the government to bring the killer of Poney Mala Tripura to justice. “It is regrettable that the police have done nothing to arrest Noab Ali and his accomplices” he said and demanded that the government must take measures to ensure that Poney Mala Tripura’s lands cannot be captured illegally by the settlers.

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