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PCP welcome reception held peacefully

18 Sep 05

As per declaration, at 4.00 p.m. of 18 Sep 2005 the PCP’s welcome reception to new students was, amidst massive communal tension, held peacefully at Bandarban Town Hall. Mr. Juli Mong Marma, President of the Bandarban district PCP presided over the meeting where Dr. Gazi Salah Uddin, teacher of Sociology Department and Dr. Hussain Kabir, teacher of University of Chittagong attended the meeting as special guest. Mr. K S Mong Marma, President of Bandarban PCJSS branch and Mr. Kyewchahla Marma, ex-Chairman of Bandarban Hill District Council were present in the meeting as discussant. More than two hundred new students both Jumma and Bengali attended the welcome reception.

In his speech as chief guest, Mr. Larma says that there are lots of high educated people in the society, but genuine educated persons are found very rare. He urges the students to develop themselves as genuine educated person. For that he advises new students to study not only textbooks, but also other books of social, political, cultural etc. He also urges the students to participate in the political movement to achieve just rights of oppressed and suppressed people. It is the duty of young people to think about the political cause of the non-dominant sector of the society.

Source: PCJSS

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