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PCP President, 21 others arrested by army, released later

News No. 111/2009,
September 07, 2009

The Hill Students Council President Ricoh Chakma was arrested along with 21 others including 5 women in Panchari under Khagrachari district on 4 September.

Army personnel from Panchari zone made the arrest at 3:15pm when PCP leaders were returning from a meeting organised by Democratic Youth Forum. They were arrested from a tea shop at Taltola.

“The army came in two jeeps and caught us without assigning any reason.” Ricoh Chakma told chtnews.com.

The army gave no reason for the arrest and took them to the Panchari police station. However, they were released after midnight.

Among the arrested were PCP Khagrachari district unit president Ratan Chakma, Chairman (in-charge) of Chengi Union Council Mr. Nabo Kumar Chakma, Chengi UP member Khagendra Tripura and businessman Hirohito Chakma.

The arrested also included 5 Jumma women who were returning from a meeting of the United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF). All other arrested excepting the PCP members had also taken part in the same meeting.

The army beat up nine of the arrested including Tripti Dhan Chakma, Tinku Chakma and Kamleshwar Chakma.

“We don’t know why they have been tortured. None of them has committed any crime and the army personnel also did not ask them anything; they just beat them up.” Ricoh Chakma said.

“The army tied Tripti Dhan and Tinku to a wooden pole and beat them mercilessly”, he added.

He further said the army released them in phases: the five women were released first from Panchari bazaar after forcing them to sign a bond.

All others were released after midnight.

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