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PCP-DYF and HWF observe 5th anniversary of Mahalchari Mayhem

News No. 142/2008, August 27, 2008

The Hill Student’s Council, Hill Women’s Federation and Democratic Youth Forum observed Mahalchari Mayhem Day yesterday in Khagrachari.

In a commemoration meeting held at Swanirbhor, the speakers said the policy of ethnic cleansing that resulted in numerous attacks on innocent Jumma people including the Mahalchari Mayhem is being pursued vigorously by the present interim caretaker government. The urged the government not to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor partisan governments.

Presided over by Ani Bikash Chakma, president of PCP Khagrachari District unit, the meeting was also addressed by Arpan Chakma, GS of PCP Khagrachari unit, Remin Chakma, a DYF member, Konika Dewan, organising secretary of the HWF central committee and Rina Dewan, president of HWF Khagrachari District unit.

They criticized the government for the failure to form a judicial committee to investigate the incident and for its attempt at cover-up.

At least 350 Jumma houses were burnt to ashes, two persons including an 8-month old baby killed and 10 Jumma women raped during the Mahalchari Mayhem perpetrated jointly by illegal settlers and the Bangladesh Army on 26 August 2003. Over 1,300 people in 10 villages were affected in the gruesome attack.

The incident provoked national and international condemnation, but the government of the day failed to punish those responsible for the attack.

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