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PCJSS members harassed by the army in Barkal

On 27 September 2005 at around 11.30 a.m. a group of army led by Major Shamim of 27 Bengal from No. 1610 Camp under Banjogichara zone in Jurachari upazila (Sub-district) conducted operation at Parosap area under Jurachari upazila in Rangamati district. During the operation, the army tortured General Secretary of Juba Samiti (Youth Association) of Parosap village committee Mr. Subhash Jyoti Chakma s/o Guna Chandra Chakma. After brutal torture, he was given some medicine for treatment and ordered to submit list of members and supporters of PCJSS to the camp within 15 days, otherwise he would be faced more severe consequences.

The same army also tortured Mr. Arun Kumar Chakma (22) s/o Peda Chakma and Mr. Midamo Chakma (50) s/o Bira Chandra Chakma of Kusumchari village of Jurachari upazila. The army also ordered them to collect list of members and supporters of PCJSS and submit it to the camp. The army ordered Mr. Rabi Chandra Chakma (53), member of no. 6 ward of Jurachari union to leave his homestead. The army informed him that a camp would be set up there.

Source: PSJSS

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