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PCJSS leaders threatened by the DGFI

PCJSS leaders threatened by the DGFI

On 11 April, two PCJSS leaders, namely, Mr. Gyana Ranjan Chakma, Convenor of Naniarchar branch of the PCJSS and Mr. Siddhartha Chakma, PCJSS local leader, went to Khan Bari (district headquarter of the DGFI) at Tabalchari to meet with Major Siraj in request of Md. Jasim, an agent of Directorate-General of Field Intelligence (DGFI) at 7.00 p.m. During the meeting Major Siraj threatened the PCJSS leaders and asked the following questions:

1) Whether PCJSS would participate in the next parliamentary election and whether PCJSS would support Awami League nominee Mr. Shaktiman Chakma in the Parliamentary Election or would support Mr. Mani Swapan Dewan, present Deputy Minister of the BNP. The local PCJSS leaders replied that they did not know anything about the election.

2) Whether Samiran Chakma who surrendered to PCJSS quitting UPDF supplied arms for PCJSS. In reply, the leaders said that they did not know Shamiran and the questions asked by Major Siraj were not true.

3) Whether Ashapurna Chakma is engaged in extortion in Rangamati area and deposited it to Mr. Satyabir Dewan for various purposes including arms purchasing. The leaders replied that they knew nothing about this.

Major Siraj told them that he did not understand about the Unwritten Agreement between the government and the PCJSS what the PCJSS president has been raising in the public meetings and demanding for the proper implementation of the CHT Accord and withdrawal of all temporary camps.

Finally major Siraj threatened to death by Cross Fire all pro-accord activists including Mr. Satyabir Dewan and Ashapurna Chakma. He also motivatedly asked whether the Vedvedi area in Rangamati municipality is base area for the PCJSS. The leaders replied to the Major’s question is absolutely baseless. The Major also advised them not to mention (demand) the withdrawal of military and military camps. These would never be withdrawn from the CHT region

Source: UNPO

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