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Military oppression continues in Lakshmichari

30 Dec 05

Military repression of common Jumma people is still continuing in Lakshmichari

In Khagrachari district.
On 15 November 2005 a group of about 12 army men from Moghaichari camp under Lakshmichari Zone went out on a patrol. At Kalapani they beat up two innocent villagers – Ponch Chakma (40) s/o Dant Chakma and Hurokkya Chakma (28) s/o Dunnya Sen Chakma. Both of them come from the village of

Kalapani Para in Manikchari Thana.
On 23 November 2005 soldiers from Lakshmichari Zone detained three persons including a UPDF member from Lakshmichari bazaar. They are Ripon Chakma, member of the Lakshmichari unit of the UPDF and two villagers from Moshkaba,

Rabindra Chakma (16) abd Priya Jibon Chakma.
The army men took them to the camp and beat them up in addition to subjecting

them to interrogation.
The two villagers were released at about 4:30 p. m. while Ripon Chakma at

11:30 pm.
On the night of 10 December 2005 a group of army men led by Mostafizur Rahman, second-in-command of Lakshmichari Zone, raided the house of Gonesh Chakma in the village of Morachengi Mukh. The soldiers beat up Gonesh Chakma (40), his wife Erekko Chakma (34) and their 12 years old son Joton Chakma for allegedly providing food to UPDF activists.

They also searched the house but found nothing illegal.
On 19 December 2005 soldiers from Bannyachola Army camp under Lakshmichri zone carried out a so-called operation in the village of Roktachari. A class nine student of Lakshmichari High School was beaten up during the operation.

The 13-years-old victim came across the army when he was on his way back home after visiting his friends. He hails from the village of North Sapchari in

Ramgarh Upazilla (sub-district).
The soldiers also harassed the villagers and ordered some of them to appear in the camp

Source: UPDF

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