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Massive military operations underway in Sajek

News No. 14/2008, January 28, 2008

The Bangladesh military launched a massive operation last night involving about 1,000 personnel in Sajek, the north-eastern frontier region of Chittagong Hill Tracts bordering Mizoram state of India.

The aim and target of the operation is not known. Even it is difficult to say whether it is a real or mock operation or a military exercise.

Army personnel from Chittagong cantonment as well as from most of the zones in Chittagong Hill Tracts are taking part in it. At least 70 military vehicles were seen moving towards Mazalong using Dighinala-Baghaihat road.

According to sources, the troops split into 36 groups before fanning out over the area.

House searched

United People’s Democratic Front’s Bagahaichari unit said army personnel on the night of 25 January raided the house of Sugata Chakma, one of its members, at Mazalong.

The raid was believed to have been conducted by soldiers from Mazalong camp to arrest him. However, he was not available at home at the time.

The soldiers also searched the house and quizzed his wife Mukta Chakma about his whereabouts.

Mr. Sugata Chakma is an active member of the UPDF. He was first arrested on 30 June 2005 from Mazalong bazaar along with another UPDF member and five supporters. He was interned in jail for months before being released on bail.


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