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Massacre in Sajek: protests continue, Borkha Party attacks

21 February 2010

Protests against Sajek massacre have continued today while the military-backed Borkha Party terrorists attacked the demonstrators in Laxmichari.
Hundreds of Jumma people took part in a protest demonstration in Chittagong, organised by the United Peoples Democratic Front. A few supporters of the JSS (Santu Larma faction) also participated. Some of their leaders even spoke at the rally held in front of Chittagong Press Club on Zamal Khan road.
Their participation, hailed by all the Jummas, came after they received an invitation from the UPDF leaders.

The UPDF also held a demonstration in Laxmichari in the afternoon. But the demonstrators came under attack while they were going back home after the end of the programme.
The military-backed Borkha Party terrorists and some Bengalee people stopped and attacked their jeep at Hospital area, causing damage to the vehicle.
The army also joined in the attack, picking up five from Bangmara area.
UPDF leader Sachib Chakma, who was released from jail a few days ago, told chtnews.com that he had phoned the UNO and the OC about the attack and requested him to take actions against the Borkha Party men.
“I phoned both UNO and OC about the attack. They asked me to give them a list of the Borkha Party terrorists so that they could take actions against them. Accordingly, we gave him the list, but unfortunately no action has been taken so far.” said Mr. Sachib, who also took part in the demonstration.
“The UNO and OC also blamed the army for the attack.” he added.
The army prevented UPDF members from hoisting black flags at Zero Mile area in Khagrachari town.
Mithun Chakma, a DYF leader, said a group of DYF members led by Tapan Chakma went to Zero Mile to hoist black flags as a mark of protest against Sajek massacre.
“But one army officer named Captain Tarek threatened them not to hoist black flags and called them names.” he said.
“I complained to the Deputy Commissioner about it; but he refused to take actions suggesting we were creating ‘unrest’.” he added.
In Dhaka the UPDF organised a demonstration under the banner of “Hill Students, Youths and people of Dhaka” to make room for a wide participation.
Sumen Chakma, General Secretary of PCP, put the number of the participants at 400.
He said a few JSS supporters (Santu Larma faction) also attended the demonstration held at Muktangon in downtown Dhaka.
After the rally a procession was taken out which march to Press Club through Gulistan and Baitul Mukkaram.

Source: chtonline

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