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Mass torture and looting in Sajek

Dozens of Jumma villagers have been tortured and their houses looted in Sajek of Rangamati district.

Reports reaching from the area said at around 12:25PM yesterday a group of army personnel from Baghaihat zone picked up two Jummas from Baghaihat bazaar for their support for the ongoing bazaar boycott programme. (The Sajek Jummas have been boycotting Baghaihat bazaar since 18 January in support of a set of demands which include putting a stop to army repression, land grabbing and withdrawal of the settlers.)

The arrested are Kala Biza Chakma (37) son of Phogira Chakma and Karnajoy Chakma (25) son of Mona Dhan Chakma. Both hail from Retkaba village.

The army took them to Goal Ghar or Round House at Baghaihat zone and began beating. When the news of their arrest and torture spread hundreds of Jumma women laid siege to Goal Ghar and ultimately snatched Kala Biza and Karnajoy away from the hands of the army.

After that incident, the army raided Ladumoni Bazaar at Gangaram Doar village at 4:15PM and beat up dozens of Jumma villagers.

Eight of the victims have been identified. They are Gyana Moy Chakma (45), Gyanendu Chakma (55, he is the convenor of Sajek Land Protection Committee), Bindu Chakma (48), Rajon’s father (42), Shanti Bimal chakma (40), Sarani Bap (32), Anadi Ranjan Chakma (37) and Ms Lozo Mukhi Chakma.

Ms Lozo Mukhi got her front teeth broken when a soldier flung a wooden pole at her face.

All these eight victims are from Retkaba Doar village.

In the evening the army also raided Retkaba village and tortured a number of Jumma villagers at the village tea shop.

At night the army raided Retkaba village once again taking a group of Bengali settlers along with them and looted all the belongings of the houses of the village. Among those whose houses were looted are Ms Ambika Master, her father Rinki Chakma and Ajit Chakma.

The settlers then burnt down their own empty huts which they had built on Jumma people’s lands.

The army and settlers went to Retkaba village again in the morning and chased away the Jummas who had returned to the village after passing the night in the jungle.

 Source: chtonline

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