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Land grab alleged in Nakyangchari

There have been allegations of encroachment of Jumma people’s land in Rezu Mouza under Nakyangchari Upazila in the southern CHT district of Bandarban.

According to a report published today in the Chattagram Manch, a daily newspaper in Chittagong, the land encroached upon by Rahmat Ali, Ziaur Rahman, Zafar Alam and others belongs to late Thinka Aung Chakma.The Khatian number of the land measuring 0.90 acres in Rezu Mouza No. 268 is 68.

Thinka Aung Chakma’s son Mongba Thoai Chakma created an orchard on the said land, but as he was away from home for study the Bengalees entered upon his land unlawfully and grabbed it by way of building houses over there.

When Mongba Thoai protested, the grabbers threatened him with death.

After that he lodged a general diary (GD No. 912) with Nakyangchari police station on 27 December.

He is yet to recover his land from the trespassers.

Source: chtonline

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