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Khagrachhari AL memo for caretaker chief Our Correspondent, Khagrachhari

The Daily Star, October 31, 2006

Khagrachhari Awami League yesterday submitted a memorandum to the President and Chief Advisor of caretaker government Iajuddin Ahamed through the Deputy Commissioner to press its five-point demand. The demands include removal of Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board Chairman, Rangamati Hill District Council Chairman and chairman of internal refugee taskforce, cancellation of the ‘fake’ voter list and recovery of illegal arms from criminals and terrorists to hold a free and fair election.

Leaders and activists of Awami League and its front organisations went to the office of Deputy Commissioner Golum Mowla chanting slogans and handed over the memorandum to him.

In the memo, they alleged that the chairmen of the bodies were appointed illegally by the 4- party alliance government and they will try to influence the coming election.

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