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January 8, 2006

Right Honorable Paul Martin

Prime Minister of Canada



Your Excellency,

We have the honour to refer to the news concerning a massive humanitarian crisis is occurring in Bangladesh. Recently Mr. Mufti Fazlul Haq Amini, M. P. of Bangladesh and a fanatic Muslim leader abused the world Hindu community ( Bangla kagoj, Toronto,  dated December 9, 2005)  and declared, “Hindus could not dedicate their lives for heaven.” Even the Supreme Court Bar Association of Bangladesh demanded immediate punishment and resignation of State Minister for Home, Mr. Lutfozzaman Babar for uttering a falsehood about Yadav Das, who was killed in the suicide bombing of Islamic terrorists in Netrakona, Bangladesh. Thus Bangladesh Government has been persecuting her minority Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jumma or Aboriginal communities day after day. But the world did not listen to cries of the Bangladesh minorities.

It is also most remarkable that Bangladesh governments of different periods of time have dispossessed the indigenous people of Chittagong Hilltracts as well as elsewhere of their ancestral land dwelling houses by sending Muslim settlers accompanied by armed forces. Consequently whereas the Bengali  / Muslims represented only 3% of the population in 1947, today they represent more than 50%. This is not a natural disaster this crisis is the result of a deliberate intent on the part of the Islamic Bangladesh government who created an unprecedented increase in the State-sponsored Campaign of Religious & Ethnic Cleansing. As a result, the world community has a clear and undeniable responsibility to take action to stop escalation of this crisis and to aid its victims.

We regret to say that the Canadian government’s response to this genocidal campaign appears to be negligible. We have offered bare minimum of aid to the millions who have lost their livelihoods and been forced into dangerous refugee camps. We have done nothing substantial to ensure that aid can reach those affected, in the face of continued obstruction by the Islamic Bangladesh Government. We have done next to nothing to help to stop the killings, rapes, brutality, and intimidation that continue to be meted out to the Ethnic population of Chittagong Hilltracts, and we have not brought our diplomatic resources to bear in the world’s effort to bring the Islamic government and its allies to justice.

We believe that Canada can and must do more for the people of Chittagong Hilltracts of Bangladesh. We have a legal and moral obligation to take the firmest possible stance against the perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity. Furthermore, we face the immediate necessity of bringing aid to Chittagong Hilltracts. Humanitarian efforts will not be successful without immediate, decisive diplomatic and military action against that fanatic government. Canada must do more than offer promises of assistance or we will be culpable in the commission of a crime that we promised decades ago never to accept.

As secretary of state for external affairs in 1964, the Hon. Paul Martin organized a peace keeping force for Cyprus in only 48 hours despite many obstacles and disagreements in the international community. The Ethnic people of Chittagong Hilltracts undeniably deserve the same leadership from Canada today. We feel certain that we can provide it, if we have the will.

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Sona  Kanti Barua


Canada – Bangladesh Buddhist Council


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