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Jumma girl raped in Chittagong

Hill Watch Human Rights Forum
NEWS No. 23/2007, July 20, 2007

A seventeen-years-old Jumma girl was gang raped yesterday by a group of miscreants in Free Port area under Bandar Police Station of Chittagong. After initial refusal, the police have agreed to receive complaint from the victim.

On the day of incident, at about 10 a.m. Ms Supta Chakma went to visit his friend Shyamol Jyoti Chakma at “Abul Kashem Building” in No. 2 Miler Matha area under Bandar Police Station. Apart from Syamol Jyoti Chakma, present in his room on the first floor of the building were Suman Chakma, Babu Chakma and a few others. When they were busy talking inside the room, the gatekeeper of the building Md. Alamgir suddenly locked the room from outside and a few minutes later came back with a group of Bengali terrorists including Rubel, Farooq and Monsur of the area.

The terrorists unlocked the room and got inside. They asked the Jumma boys to get out of the room leaving the girl inside. Sensing their ill-motive, the Jumma boys refused to get out. Then the miscreants bound them and beat them mercilessly. The gatekeeper Alamgir also took part in the beating.

At one stage, the terrorists stripped naked Ms Supta Chakma and her boy friend Suman Chakma, forced them to give dirty sexy poses together and then photographed them. After that, two of the miscreants raped her repeatedly, while others stood guard outside. The whole incident lasted from around10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Supta Chakma lives at Jakir Hossain Building in Free Port area. Her permanent address is: Mozekaba village, Shizokmukh, Baghaichari Thana, Rangamati district. Her father’s name is Anil Kumar Chakma. Until a few days ago, she worked at a factory named BHB in Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CPEZ).

After the incident, she and other victims went to Bandar police station to file a criminal case. However, the police asked them to go the next day, Friday. When they went there again today, the police initially refused to receive any complaint from them.

Instead the police intimidated them and threatened to send them to jail on charge of conspiracy to file false cases against innocent Bengali people. The victims refused to be cowed down by the threats and finally the police had to agree to register the statement of Supta Chakma.


Hill Women’s Federation president Sonali Chakma in a statement issued to the press condemned the incident of gang-rape of Supta Chakma by Bengali miscreants in Free Port area and demanded of the government to take immediate actions to arrest and punish the culprits.


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