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Jumma girl raped by Bengali culprits in Bandarban

Jumma girl raped by Bengali culprits in Bandarban

On 26 October 2005 Miss Painu Sing Marma (15) a Marma indigenous girl who was the daughter of Keja Aung Marma and Mathui Marma and a resident of Mewa Para village of Rajvilla under Bandarban district was gang raped by a group of Bengali culprits while she was going to Bandarban Buddhist orphanage in the evening. Miss Marma was accompanied by Mr. Mongshoihla Marma (37) who was from Ruma upazila in Bandarban district. The rappers picked her up their motorcycle forcefully and raped her in a secluded area. The owner of the motorcycle was identified as Mr. Kamal who was leader of ruling BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) and its laborer wing organization Jatiyatanadi Shramik Dal). The rappers were identified as-

  1. Md. Amin (32) of Badarban Bus Station (who was cook at house of Mr. Bir Bahadur MP and now leader of Sama Adhikar Andolon);
    2) Md. Soyed (30), cook of Hotel Khawadawa;
    3) Mr. Rubel Barua (30) of Bandarban Bazar;
    4) Md. Jahangir (26) of Bandarban Bus Station;
    5) Mr. Rajib Dhar, son of the owner of Aunga Shova Jewelers of Bandarban bazar;
    6) Md. Mahauudin (Hadip) of Balaghata area.

It was reported that the victim herself has filed a case against the culprits. It was also learned that medical test was done and found possible. Mr. Mongshoihla Marma gave witness statement with 164 section to the Magistrate Mr. Shankar Debnath. Though police arrested Mahiuddin and Rajib Dhar, but other main culprits are yet to be arrested. Police are not found active to arrest them. Leaders of PCJSS including PCP and Hill Women’s Federation demanded immediate arrest and examplory punishment of all criminals.

Source: PCJSS

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