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Jumma and Bengali settlers clash in Longadu

On 15 January 2009 a clash between Jumma villagers and Bengali settlers was taken place at Bagachadar area under Longadu upazila in Rangamati district. Following this incident, Bengali settlers made attack on Jumma people at Baranachari bazaar under Barkal upazila (adjacent to Longadu upazila).

It is reported that Bengali settlers have been trying to collect forest product from the area owned by Jumma villagers. On the contrary, Jumma villagers have been trying to forbid them from collecting bamboos and trees from their garden and orchard. However, the Bengali settlers continued to do so. On that day, Bengali settlers also went to the Jumma locality to collect the bamboos and trees and consequently Jumma villagers opposed them. At a stage, the clash was taken place.

In retaliation to this incident, Bengali settlers made attack on Jumma people who went to Baranachari bazaar. That day was the market day. It is reported that many Jumma villagers were injured in this attack. Two Jumma villagers who were seriously chopped got admitted at Al-Rabeta hospital at Longadu. On the other, 8 Bengali settlers were also admitted at same hospital with injuries.

Following this incident, Jumma people were banned Kalanagya bazaar by the Bengali settlers from Kalabanya and Bhushanchara under Barkal upazila. Local Jumma villagers said that Bengali settlers issued this ban on Jumma people aiming to protect Jumma voters to cast their vote at Kalabanya polling centre during forthcoming Upazila Parishad election

Returnee PCJSS member arrested by the police in Dighinala

On 15 January 2009 at the morning police from Dighinala upazila arrested returnee PCJSS member Mr. Jokoj Chakma from Dighinala. It is reported that he was brutally tortured during the police custody. Due to serious injuries, he was admitted at Khagrachari general hospital instead of producing before the court.

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