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J B Larma’s Bandarban visit and the Sama Adhikar’s strike to resist his visit

17- 18 Sep 05

Soon after receiving news about Bandarban visit by Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma (Santu Larma), President of PCJSS and Chairman of CHTRC, the Bengali extreme nationalist organisation so-called ‘Sama Adhikar Andolan’ declared two-day strike to oppose Mr. Larma’s visit.

It is mentionable that Bandarban district branch of PCP (Hill Students’ Council) declared to organise welcome reception to the new students on 18 September 2005 in Bandarban and J B Larma gave consent to attend the reception as chief guest. Receiving this news, the Sama Adhikar Andolan declared two-day on 17-18 September strike to oppose Mr. Larma’s visit. They declared to resist J B Larma’s visit by hook and crook. It is also notable that Sama Adhikar Andolan, with the direct support of extreme communal forces including military forces deployed in the CHT declared J B Larma unwanted and demanded to hang him to death.

Amidst declaration of strike by the Sama Adhikar Andolan, J B Larma visited Bandarban successfully and without any hindrance. The Sama Adhikar Andolan shouted slogans against J B Larma while he was entering Bandarban town along with his long convoy. At that time, the Bengali extremists picketed at Balaghata and Traffic Point area (near press club) in Bandarban town. They hosted black flag. The Bengali extremists threw bricks while J B Larma’s convoy was passing Traffic Point and a helper of jeep named Jamal Uddin got injuries at his head. The picketers of Sama Adhikar Andolan also attacked in front of police forces on the Jumma people at Traffic Point who were coming to attend the welcome reception where following persons got injuries. Among them, Mr. Gangja Marma was admitted at Bandarban hospital. The injured persons were:

  1. Mr. Aung Chingneo Marma (18) s/o Uthowai Marma of Thongjama Para of Rajvila mouza;

  2. Mr. Aungcha Thui Marma (20) s/o Thuihla Marma of Rajvila village of Rajvila mouza;

  3. Mr. Alo Mohan Tanchangya (22) s/o Niran Tanchangya of Rajvila village of Rajvila mouza;

  4. Mr. Gangja Marma (20) s/o Suikyewching Marma of Thongjama village of Rajvila mouza, injury at leg;

  5. Mr. Aching Marma (20) s/o Uthowai Marma of Mashabania Para of Rajvila mouza.

Miscreants of the Sama Adhikar Andolan also tried to attack on Buddhist monks at Balaghata area. Sama Adhikar Andolan always tried to create communal riot during the visit of Mr. Larma. Several groups of Bengali adolescents consisting 6/7 boys in each group brought out procession in the Jumma inhabited areas shouting slogan against J B Larma and PCJSS so that the Jumma people become sentimental and attack them (Bengali adolescents) and in connection with the attack they (Sama Adhikar cadres) could make attack on the Jumma people. But the Jumma people kept alert to this conspiracy.

Source: PCJSS

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