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Innocent villagers tortured by the army in Longadu

 On 28 November 2005 at mid-night (12.00) a group of army led by Lieutenant Mehedi from Karalyachari sub-zone under Longadu Maini zone
of 26 Bengal conducted operation at Bame Atarakchari village under Longadu upazila (sub-district) in Rangamati district. During the operation,
the army brutally tortured following innocent villagers. They got injuries. The victims were:
1)      Mr. Elision Chakma alias Kishore (31) s/o Kali Ratan Chakma;
2)      Mr. Dipankar Chakma (38) s/o Kali Ratan Chakma;
3)      Mr. Kiranmoy Chakma (30) s/o Bimalendu Chakma;
4)      Mr. Shyamal Chakma (22) s/o Apan Bihari Chakma.

It is learnt that the army divided into two groups rounded up house of Elision Chakma first. They caught him and started to beat. At that time,
his elder brother Dipankar Chakma was brought there and also started to beat by the army. Another group of army rounded up the house of
Kiranmoy Chakma of the village. The army entered the house and caught him. The army also arrested brother-un-law of Kiranmoy Chakma
who stayed there. The army fastened their hands and eyes and started to torture them. At a stage, all the arrestees were gathered at the premises
of Elision Chakma’s house. After torturing for 4 hours, the army released them early in the morning. The villagers believed that this operation has
been conducted to create terror among the Jumma people so that Bengali settlers could be settled on the Jumma people’s land.

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