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Innocent villagers beat by the APB at Hazaribag area in Rangamati

Innocent villagers beat by the APB at Hazaribag area in Rangamati

On 17 March 2005, a group of Armed Police Battalion (APB) members in disguise of general Bengali went to gather sand from Hazaribag area of Balukhali Union under Rangamati District by two boats. The owners of the under mentioned land requested the APB members not to gather sand while they were gathering sand from their land. But, at this, the APB members grew angry and began to beat the landowners. The victims are as follows-
1) Shantu Chakma (16), s/o Pradip Chandra Chakma
2) Binanda Chakma (36)
3) Nigaramoni Chakma (18), s/o Shashi Chandra Chakma and
4) Juddadhan Chakma, s/o Chokh Kala Chakma (a returnee PCJSS member)

Hearing shouting, publics came forward to rescue the landowners while they were being beaten up by the APB members who were in disguise of general publics. The rescuers realized only then that the disguised publics are the members of security force dressed in white apparels while they opened up their arms. Later, the commander of that group contacted with his senior officer on wireless set and became inspired to take some villagers as fugitive. Ultimately the APB members refrained from gathering sand due to strong protestation by the local people. The locals also showed agitation while the APBs tried to captivate Mr. Jiban Chakma (28) on their returning. Later, the APB members were compelled to leave the spot and anchored their boats at the jetty of Armed Police Battalion in Rangamati.

The local villagers complained that those white dressed APB members went to gather sand for several times from that area before with paying no cost for it.

Source: UNPO

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