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Innocent villager tortured in Belaichari

News No. 122/2008, July 01, 2008

On 22 June, Lt. Tanvir, commander of Merunghcara army camp, severely tortured Palash Dewan (30) s/o Chandra Lal Dewan, a resident of Kerongchari village in Belaichari under Rangamati district, sources said.

Sources said a group of army personnel led by Lt. Tanvir raided the village of Kerongchari at about 12 noon and picked up Palash Dewan from his home alleging that he provides support to the members of the United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF).

They took him to the camp and beat him mercilessly. Afterwards, the village elders called on Lt. Tanivr in the camp and got him released in the evening.

Earlier, while in Dhupchari camp in Belaichari, Lt. Tanvir earned notoriety for torturing innocent people after striping them naked. When the Jumma villagers complained to the higher authorities of the army about his brutality, he has been transferred to Merungchara army camp.

Nonetheless, he continues with the same practice, much to the suffering of the innocent Jumma people. Old habits diehard!

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