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Government decides to put “dispute-free” lands under Forest Department control

News No. 11/2008, January 27, 2008

The district administration of Rangamati has decided to put all the “dispute-free” lands in nine Mouzas of the district under the control of the Forest Department.

In a communication (Memo No. rajoshwa / tin -3/2007 – 1070) dated 30 September 2007, the Revenue Deputy Collector of Rangamati district stated that Mr. Bhagadatta Chakma, a land surveyor with S. A. branch, had been appointed to hand over the lands in phases to the Forest Department.

It requested the Divisional Forest Officer, Banarupa, Rangamati to appoint a representative to take control of the land from Mr. Chakma.

The nine Mouzas referred to in the said communication are 27 Adrokchara Mouza, 123 Hemonto Mouza, 125 Phulgazi Baperchara Mouza, 128 Basanta Mouza, 129 Kaindia Mouza, 108 Manikchari Mouza, Sapchari Mouza, 110 Shukurchari Mouza and 111 Kudukchari Mouza.

The letter was issued at a time when hundreds of acres of land belonging to the Jumma people were being taken away by the settlers in Khagrachari district.

The move of the Rangamati district administration is viewed as measure to rob the poorest of the poor Jummas of their only source of livelihood – that is Jum cultivation.

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