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Ghilachari road blockade: 7 injured in army and settler attack

November 17, 2009: 9:45pm

At least 7 persons including 5 Jumma women were wounded as the army attacked them in a bid to break a peaceful road block set up by Ghilachari Committee for Guiding Movement Against Women Repression today, sources said.

Three of the injured have been admitted to Rangamati Sadar Hospital with serious injuries.

They have been identified as Maya Chakma, a class nine student of Baro Mahapuram High School, Chandrahela Chakma (40) wife of Suresh Chakma of village Kudukchari Nich Para and Dev Rani Chakma (45) of village Kudukchari Headman Para.

Maya Chakma’s condition has been stated to be critical as she has sustained injuries on her head.

Other injured women are Manti Chakma, a class nine student of Baro Mahapuram High School and Zhinu Chakma (35) wife of Sumati Lal Chakma of village Hazachari Pachchim Para.

These five Jumma women were wounded at Kudukchari when the army led by the 2-IC (Second-in-Command) of Naniachar zone resorted to indiscriminate baton charges in retaliation for stopping his boss’s vehicle in the morning.

The road block was enforced by Jumma women under the banner of “Ghilachari Committee for Guiding Movement Against Women Repression”

They were demanding punishment of an army man involved in an incident of attempted rape on a Jumma woman on 8 November and withdrawal of Ghilachari army camp to which he belongs.

Many vehicles remained stranded on Khagrachari – Rangamati road as the blockade began at 9am.

In the morning, there was chase and counter-chase between the army and the stick-wielding Jumma women.

In Bogachari, a few kilometers north-east of Ghilachari, some settlers spread rumour that one of their fellows were attacked and injured by the Jummas in Ghilachari.

This instigated the settlers who came out of their homes and attacked Anil Chakma son of Nandi Kumar Chakma of village Maischari. He was left unconscious after heavy beating. Later, the Additional District Magistrate sent him to Rangamati for treatment.

Another unnamed Jumma was also injured when the army beat him up at Atharo Mile area on Khagrachari – Rangamati road. He was returning from Khagrachari on foot.

The settlers also tried to attack the Jumma women, but when they saw them in large numbers and armed with sticks, axe, dao (a kind of knife) and beyong (weaving tool), they went back.

In the afternoon, some army personnel also tried to attack a group of Jumma women at Ghilachari Buddhist temple, but they were resisted.

Meanwhile, UPDF said the army has imposed an undeclared curfew in and around Kudukchari bazaar and no one is being allowed to move in and out. Many have been trapped there.

Earlier in the afternoon, an army captain from Kudukchari camp entered UPDF office at Kudukchari and threatened Sona Moni Chakma, a UPDF member, not to get involve in the road block.

Another source from Naniachar told chtnews.com that the C.O. had got 8 settlers – 6 women and 2 men – admitted to the hospital with no injuries. He then forced the attending doctors and the nurses out of the room.

“Many believe that there is something on his mind. And it is that he wants to show that these people have been injured in attacks by Jummas.” the source said.

UPDF’s Shanti Dev Chakma and Hill Women’s Federation president Sonali Chakma condemned the attack on Jumma women who were enforcing a peaceful road blockade to realize their just demands.

Source: chtonline

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