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Doctors demand removal of UNO

A Correspondent, Rangamati

Doctors in Rangamati have demanded withdrawal of Naniachar Upazila Nirbahee Officer (UNO) for his alleged abuse of power, corruption and ill treatment with doctors.

The doctors at a press conference at Rangamati Press Club on Saturday threatened of agitation if the demand is not fulfilled.

They alleged that on May 18, UNO Abul Kalam Azad called Upazila Health and family Planning officer Dr. Mridul Kanti Tripura to the police station and asked him to push Hepatitis-B vaccine to all policemen.

Mridul objected, saying that Hepatitis-B vaccine is only for children below one year and not fort adults.

At this, UNO Abul Kalam became angry and kept Dr. Mridul confined at the police station, saying he could be arrested under Section 54 for not carrying out the order.

The Officer-in-Charge of the police station then came to save the situation. He persuaded Dr. Mridul to act on the UNO’s order. Mridul got the vaccine brought by a health assistant and himself pushed it to all the policemen. He was then allowed to leave the police station, the doctors alleged at the press conference.

They condemned the UNO’s ‘unlawful’ action and demanded his immediate withdrawal.

Rangamati Deputy Commissioner Gazi Md. Julhas, when contacted later over phone, said he would order the ADM (Additional Deputy Magistrate) to go to Naniachar to look into the matter.

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