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Continuous Bengali Muslim infiltration in CHT

14 Sep 05

With the direct and indirect help of government machineries, infiltration of Bengali Muslim families has been continuing in the CHT. For instance, on 14 September 2005 a Bengali Muslim family was found at the premises of Longadu Girl School in Longadu upazila under Rangamati district who was coming to Marishya (Baghaichari upazila) from Chandina of Comilla district. The family head was identified as Md. Moharam Ali (75) s/o late Narul Afsar along with following family members:

  1. Begum Nur Jahan w/o Md. Moharam Ali;

  2. Farida Begum d/o Md. Moharam Ali

  3. Jamal Uddin, son-in-law of Md. Moharam Ali.

Md. Moharam Ali told the Jumma witnesses that they (infiltrators) were got down in Longadu from launch as they failed to pay launch fare. But they were begging for launch fare for going to Marishya.

Source: PCJSS

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