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Changing Life in a Murung Village (Part 5 of 6)


March 25, 2008

Recently, our reporter visited Kapru Para in Bandarban to investigate the impact of outside interaction on the life of Murung nationality, the second largest ethnic group in Bandarban district of Chittagong Hill Tracts. We are releasing the findings in a series of photographic expositions. Please find attached the fifth of the six-picture series.

Photo 5 of 6: filling pots with water at a reservoir near the village

The Murung children help their parents with household chores. They even work at the Jum fields. However, nowadays the children go to school. In Kapru Para, there is a primary school built by Mrochet, a local NGO dedicated exclusively to the overall development of the Murung nationality. The Christian missionaries are also active in the area. They have built schools and churches in almost every Murung village. Caritas, a Christian NGO, has one school in Emoy Para in Chimbuk area. In Niak Para village there is one Buddhist temple, but no school.

The literacy rate of the Murungs is not known. In Kapru para, our reporter did not meet any one who passed Secondary School Certificate exam. However, if the current enthusiasm for education in Murung society continues, in the next 10 years the CHT will see a dramatic increase in the literacy rate of the Murung people. But with one BIG caveat: they are not displaced by the government plan to acquire 2,400 acres of land for military purposes.

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