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Calling for full implementation of the CHT Peace Accord – need your endorsement

23 Dec 2009

Jumma organizations and Human Rights organizations cordially seek endorsement from individual and organizations, for full implementation of the CHT Peace Accord. For further detail please visit ‘Gloval Voice for CHT’ website: http://www.cht-global-voices.com 

Dear Friends,

We cordially seek your endorsement in the campaign “Global Voices for Peace in the CHT” (individually, and it will be stronger if you can endorse with your organization) calling for full implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) Peace Accord signed on 2 December 1997:


It is a global campaign to encourage the Prime Minister of Bangladesh to implement the CHT Peace Accord/ Treaty which her government signed with the peoples of CHT 12 years ago.

We would also be honoured to receive your “peace message” to be displayed on the campaign website.  However, “peace message” is optional.

We are very happy to highlight that many distinguished human rights activists, including Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire, inspiringly endorsed the campaign.

The signature collection has started in Tokyo on the weekend of 3-4 October in an NGO festival by collecting three hundred handwritten signatures at Jumma Net booth.  In Australia, we launched the campaign on the week of the International Human Rights Day.

We are aiming for 100,000 signatures by January 2010 to submit it to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh in February 2010.

Please also assist us by distributing the link http://www.cht-global-voices.com to your network of organizations, friends, family members, Face Book, MySpace, Netlog and other groups for wider support.

With best regards,

Kabita, Dibos and Joyoti

“Kabita Chakma”  <chakma.kabita@gmail.com>,         

“Dibos Dewan” <dewan.di@gmail.com>,

“Joyoti Grech” <grechjoyoti@gmail.com>

CHT Jumma Peoples Network of the Asia Pacific, Australia

For more information on CHT please visit:





For Australia’s support (at the UPR of the United Nations Human Rights Commission this year) for the implementation of the CHT Peace Accord please visit the link (para 53, item e, is exclusively on it, for the whole section please see p. 10 and 11).



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