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Attempted rape in Ghilachari: army deployed to the area

November 11, 2009

Hundreds of soldiers from a number of army camps under Naniachar zone have been deployed to Ghilachari and adjacent areas of Kudukchari and Bogachari in an apparent attempt to distract the attention of the media from the people’s uprising against sexual violence on Jumma women, sources say.

“Army have been scattered all over the area”, Michael Chakma, a UPDF leader, told chtnews.com from Kudukchari by mobile phone.“They were deployed in the evening” he added.

He said he believed that the deployment of the army is part of a desperate attempt of the government to cover up the facts of the incident and save Ziaul, the army man who was responsible for the attempted rape on Juboni Chakma on 8 November.

Meanwhile, reports said the Deputy Commissioner of Ranamati has formed an investigation committee to probe the incident of attempted rape on Juboni Chakma.

Source: chtonline

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