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Arrest of former PCP leader condemned

DU Correspondent

Three Chittagong Hill Tracts-based organisations on Wednesday protested at the arrest of Adru Marma, former president of Manikchhari upazila unit of Pahari Chhatra Parishad, and molestation of a woman allegedly by military personnel in Khagrachari.

In a joint statement, top leaders of the Parishad, Hill Women’s Federation and Democratic Youth Forum also demanded immediate release of Adru and punishment for those responsible for the molestation of Arema Marma of Manikchhari upazila.

They claimed that Adru had been picked up from Hatimura Thalipara in Manikchhari by the military personnel of Batnatoli camp Tuesday night.

Arema was also molested the same night, they added saying that the military personnel had also severely beaten another young man, Joy Singh Marma.

‘Incidents of repression by the army are increasing day by day in the CHT. Although several indigenous women were molested by military personnel, the authorities remained silent,’ said the statement.

Military personnel are frequently violating human rights in the hill areas and are patronising settlers, according to the statement given by the parishad’s president Riko Chakma, federation’s president Sonali Chakma and forum’s general secretary Mithun Chakma.

New Age, September 11, 2008

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