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Army arrests two Jummas in Bodanala

News No. 08/2008, January 24, 2008

Army personnel in Mahalchari yesterday arrested two innocent Jummas in an overnight raid into the village of Bodanala under Maischari Union in Khagrachari district.

Priti Shankar Chakma (35) s/o Kamini Chakma and Lakshmi Bilash Chakma (42) were rousted from their homes and taken to the camp.

The soldiers also raided the house of Shanti Jibon Chakma to arrest him. However, he was not available at home at the time.

The army gave no reason for the raids and arrests so far. The army action comes two days ahead of a religious gathering to be held on 25 January at Sarnath Arannyo Kuthir in Karallyachari.

The army is opposed to the gathering and tried flat out to prevent it. In a meeting yesterday the Deputy Commissioner of Khagracahri finally gave permission to hold it.

Preparation is now underway to make the programme a success.

The army personnel yesterday put up a signboard at the entrance of Sarnath Arannyo Kuthir announcing the imposition of section 145 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Section 145 authorises a magistrate to order status quo in relation to any land disputed by two or more parties.

The signboard reads: “Warning: the authority concerned has declared section 145 of the Criminal Procedure Code in 249 Kiang-ghat Mouza. Legal actions shall be taken against anyone who violates the said section, or directly or indirectly instigates others to violate it or who assembles (illegally). – Ordered by the authority”


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